Being ready to smoke e-cigarette

Quitting smoking is above all a decision, an awareness and a choice that can be difficult and not without failure, no smoker will be able to contradict it. The electronic cigarette, which continues to gain ground on the means of smoking cessation is a new opportunity that many tobacco-dependent consumers now use with varying degrees of success.

How to succeed in quitting smoking with the e-cigarette

First of all, and with any anti-smoking method, the timing of the decision must be appropriate. You must be in a context with as few stressors as possible that would tend to lead you to a relapse.

The gradual approach

Many smokers who begin smoking cessation with the electronic cigarette choose to alternate between conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarette. This allows you to gradually reduce consumption by keeping only the "essential" cigarettes (the first of the day, the one after the meal, ...) and use the e-cigarette the rest of the day. This method can work if we set a certain rigor. In the early stages we will always find that a conventional cigarette is better, so we must be very rigorous with oneself or else abandon the electronic cigarette quickly. But according to recent studies on the decline in smoking, many smokers manage to maintain a very reduced consumption of tobacco by applying this method.

The radical method

There, no compromise, we stop smoking completely to use only the electronic cigarette. This is perhaps the best way to succeed because this action fits perfectly into a strong decision making where the simple fact of re-smoking a cigarette will not lead to others. When choosing this method, it is essential to find the flavor and liquid that suits you best. This is decisive for the future and it will allow you over the days to get used to a daily use of the vapor, you will have won a great victory!

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