E-liquid refill

What are the types of e-liquids ?

Before buying a waving liquid with the electronic cigarette, it is very important to know the different types of e-liquids that exist in the market. All of them comply with the European legislation, which establishes some control guidelines about the…

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What are the differences between the taste of light and dark tobacco?

The world of the electronic cigarette has from the outset inspired by the flavors blond tobacco and dark tobacco to offer taste e liquid. When you think about it is quite logical. Indeed, what could be more normal than to…

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What is the best liquid cool mint for e-cigarette?

This is a question that many people ask in the world of the vape. It is that many of us like the liquids well mentholated and fresh. Some find the taste of menthol cigarettes, others simply love the feeling of…

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E liquid mint lemon the secrets of success!

The site e liquid shop specializes in the e liquid for electronic cigarette, surprised everyone by bringing out a range of frosted flavors. The concept is simple, combine a mint or mint ice with a fruity flavor such as strawberry,…

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Computer graphics: the criteria for choosing your liquids

Here is a rather interesting study that looked at the different criteria that allowed us to choose a liquid. The result is quite surprising for some criteria that I thought were more preponderant. You want to understand everything? Let’s go…

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The violet candy e-liquid

This unique flavor that takes us back to childhood meets a great success thanks also to the sweet nostalgia it evokes had its place in the family e liquid gourmet. Indeed, the violet candies are part of these recipes of…

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