The violet candy e-liquid

This unique flavor that takes us back to childhood meets a great success thanks also to the sweet nostalgia it evokes had its place in the family e liquid gourmet. Indeed, the violet candies are part of these recipes of grandmother as the caramels with salted butter of Brittany, the nougats of Montélimar or the silly things of Cambrai which form this famous French gastronomic heritage that the world envies us. So before being a liquid purple candy this confectionery has a history. Here is some information that you probably did not know about the violet candy.

A candy from Toulouse at the origin of the E liquid candy violet candy

The violet is the symbolic flower of the city of Toulouse. It is used in many fields. They are used in bouquets of course, but also in soap, perfume, ice cream and sweets. It is the latter that will interest us. The famous Toulouse violets. To make the famous violet candies we use of course the fresh plant but not just any violet. We use the fragrant violet also called Viola Odorata. Indeed, to make a well scented violet candy it is necessary to have a flower with such a strong aroma. The violets are then crystallized in sugar. But Toulouse is not the only city to have as a speciality the famous violet candy.

A violet candy also coming from Spain?

And yes, no matter how much the people of Toulouse may dislike it, but the violet candy is also a Spanish speciality. It is called "Caramelo de Violeta". This candy is very similar to the Toulouse candy. History says that it was invented almost a century ago, by Vincente Sola, in his Pastry-Confectionery in Madrid "La Violeta". Now that you know a little more about the origin of the violet candy, let's go back to the e-liquid violet candy that was inspired by it.

The test of the e liquid violet candy

Let's get down to brass tacks, what's that purple candy e-liquid look like? To test it, you can use a Aspire ETS BDC clearomizer (2.1 ohms resistance) with a Vision Spinner II battery. Already the smell of the liquid candy violet for e-cig well respects the world of the famous confectionery. The memories come back suddenly. Then to taste, the first note is round and sweet and then the flower arrives gradually. It is very pleasant. The small comma of violet is strong enough to taste good in the mouth but not too violent so that we do not feel the slightest disgust. If you like the taste of the famous candy you will love it. It is really a very good liquid refill.

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