What are the types of e-liquids ?

Before buying a waving liquid with the electronic cigarette, it is very important to know the different types of e-liquids that exist in the market. All of them comply with the European legislation, which establishes some control guidelines about the level of nicotine they can contain. The main objective of using an electronic cigarette is to stop smoking, so there are liquids to wipe with different doses of nicotine. Each manufacturer can present different formats (always complying with European regulations), but generally the most common is that the highest level of concentration of nicotine, while the lowest level is 0 mg of nicotine. On average, users can purchase electronic cigarette fluids with moderate nicotine levels. Once it is clear what level of nicotine a mopping fluid can contain, moppers should look at other more personal issues related to the different aromas and flavours that can be found in specialist online shops. From classic blond tobacco flavours to more creamy flavours reminiscent of fruits such as cherry, apple or pineapple.

What are cowboy liquids made of?

The impact of the electronic cigarette on society as a whole has been very important, since various studies and scientific research have shown that it is less harmful to people's health than the traditional cigarette. For example, France recommends its use, and is not the only country in the European Union that proposes the use of the electronic cigarette to stop smoking. But what are the ingredients in the liquid for the electronic cigarette? All wiping fluids contain 4 ingredients, which are probably unknown to most people. One of the main ingredients is vegetable glycerin, a colourless liquid that has no aroma and is mainly characterised by its discreet sweet taste. Another important ingredient of the liquid for wiping is natural flavourings, which are derived from food flavourings that have been carefully selected by the manufacturers. To these two ingredients we have to add propylene glycol (alcohol that provides a mild sweetness to the flavoring) and nicotine, which as mentioned before is optional, since not all e-liquids contain it.

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