What are the differences between the taste of light and dark tobacco?

The world of the electronic cigarette has from the outset inspired by the flavors blond tobacco and dark tobacco to offer taste e liquid. When you think about it is quite logical. Indeed, what could be more normal than to recreate tobacco flavors so that people who stop smoking can compensate for the lack, by a flavor close to what they smoked. Blond and dark tobacco being the best known types of tobacco, it is not surprising that they are also the most sought-after liquid flavours. In this great overview we will try to understand where these characteristic tastes come from, correct the preconceived ideas about these types of tobacco and present the best liquid tastes that are now available to help smokers quit.

Origins of the tastes blond and dark tobacco

First of all, it is important to specify that this article is purely informative and obviously we strongly advise against smoking. Tobacco is very dangerous for your health and causes more than 73,000 deaths in France every year. The difference between blond and dark tobacco has several origins and manifests itself in several ways. First of all, the type of tobacco used is not the same.

Method of manufacture and origin of dark tobacco

The varieties used for dark tobacco are Maryland and Kentucky. Maryland is a rather light dark tobacco that is mainly grown in the United States and Switzerland. Kentucky, on the other hand, is much stronger and is found in pipe tobacco, for example. It is grown in Italy, Poland and the USA. Brown tobacco is used in so-called European cigarettes such as Gauloise, Gitanes, pipe tobacco and cigars. The differences in taste between blond and dark tobacco are due to the varieties used but also to the way the tobacco leaves are dried. Brown tobacco is in fact air-cured, which gives it a rather dark colour.  The brown tobacco leaves are then fermented to lower the alkaloid (nicotine) content, which is by nature higher in brown tobacco. The more alkaline the pH is, the higher the level of nicotine in free form and the easier it is to pass into the bloodstream. Nicotine, in an alkaline type of smoke, therefore diffuses very easily into the mucous membranes (especially in the mouth). This explains why smokers of brown cigarettes, cigars or pipes have less need to inhale deeply to ingest a large dose of nicotine. This is not the case with blond tobacco.

Method of manufacture and origin of blond tobacco

Indeed, blond tobaccos are not fermented. They are rather rich in sugars. There are different types of blond tobaccos such as English, Oriental or American cigarette tastes. To make this industrial blond tobacco use the varieties Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco. When blond tobacco burns, it creates a smoke that is acidic, with a pH of 6.5. The fact that the smoke is acidic makes it more difficult for nicotine to pass through the mucous membranes. This is why, for a similar addiction, a smoker of blond tobacco will need to inhale the smoke more strongly than a smoker of dark tobacco. Dark cigarettes, which were the majority in France until the early 1980s, have since been largely supplanted by so-called American cigarettes. As a result, serious tobacco-related diseases have evolved according to consumption patterns. Thus, unfortunately, we observe more and more deep-seated cancers.

Preconceived ideas about blond and dark tobacco

Mouth of a woman in profile holding a broken cigarette in her mouth to symbolize the possible ban on tobacco sales for young people born after 2000. Banning cigarette sales to young people born after the year 2000, the solution? There are a lot of rumours and misconceptions about dark and blond tobacco. Let us try to get a little more clarity here. Would blond tobacco be less harmful than dark tobacco? That is completely untrue. We know today, thanks to studies on the subject, that blond tobacco is no less harmful to health than dark tobacco. The cancers developed because of blond tobacco are simply a little different from those of other tobaccos. Localized cancers are different but they are just as dangerous. So let us be very clear, whether it is blond tobacco or dark tobacco, the harmfulness of smoke is the same.

Misconceptions about tobacco in general

Unfortunately, conventional wisdom about tobacco is hard to swallow. They go far beyond the difference between blond and dark tobacco. A little clarification is in order. - Does the filter protect against the dangers of tobacco? The filter in no way reduces the risk of developing cancer. The filter does not protect your health in any way. -Lighter cigarettes are less dangerous? So-called light cigarettes are no less harmful than others. They do not reduce the risk of lung cancer. In fact, the opposite effect occurs, the fact that they contain lower levels of nicotine and tars causes smokers to compensate for this by inhaling the smoke more frequently and more deeply and smoking more cigarettes daily.

- Is tobacco harmful only to the lungs?

No, tobacco is also the leading cause of death from cardiovascular disease. Tobacco significantly increases the risk of having a heart attack. Too many smokers are unaware of this, but all the toxic substances contained in tobacco (more than 4,000 in all!) prevent proper oxygenation of the heart, promote the deposition of cholesterol and the formation of clots in the arteries. In short, as you will have understood, there is no good way to smoke tobacco. Tobacco remains extremely dangerous regardless of the type and method of inhalation. The note of hope in this gloomy picture is the results shown by the electronic cigarette in recent years. Indeed, over the past 3 years, the number of smokers who have stopped smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette and e liquid is very encouraging. In addition to nicotine present in e liquids to fill the addiction, the other strong asset of the electronic cigarette is the choice of flavors. And especially tobacco flavors, which are particularly appreciated.

The success of e liquid blond tobacco and e liquid dark tobacco for electronic cigarette

The advantage of the electronic cigarette is to be able to calm the nicotine addiction without having the bad effects of tobacco. In addition, with the different flavors available, it is possible to find in part the taste of the tobacco we smoked. It is also this point that helps more and more people to stop smoking with the e-cigarette. Obviously the two most smoked types of tobacco being the two most smoked types of tobacco being the dark and blond tobacco, it is not surprising to see these two flavors favored by smokers.

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