What is the best liquid cool mint for e-cigarette?

This is a question that many people ask in the world of the vape. It is that many of us like the liquids well mentholated and fresh. Some find the taste of menthol cigarettes, others simply love the feeling of intense freshness. That's why there are so many different brands. Between the glacier, the polar, the fresh, the Menthol or the strong mint liquid we will now know which one is the best. After several days of investigation (and yes, you have to be able to find all the products and test them) here are the top 10 of the best ice mint liquids. Material used: - Clearomiseur : Aspire Mini Nautilus (BVC resistance 1,5 ohm) - Battery / Box : Istick 20 w The goal here is to test the Ice Mint Liquids with consumer material so that it speaks to more people and that the rendering is close to what you will find at home. Criteria of the classification: - The taste: the flavor, the duration in the mouth, the hit (the juices are tested in 11 or 12 mg of nicotine depending on the brand), the volume of short vape, all criteria related to the sensations felt. - The price: the quality-price ratio is also a very important factor because in my opinion, tobacco should remain a way to save money compared to tobacco. To be the best liquid is also to be the best value for money. (Stop the abusive prices of certain liquids). The prices are indicated for 10ml even if some of them are sold in larger bottles. - The ability to become an all day: the goal is also to give oneself time to see after a day of vape if the juice is still as pleasant or if it quickly becomes disgusting. Get in the car Simone, here's the ranking! 1 - Eliquide Halo Subzero - E liquid Halo Subzero In number one of the ranking we find one of the most famous ice-mint liquids: the Subzero from Halo. It's the big winner. Taste : To be fresh, it's fresh nothing to say, it's a hair-raising experience. It tastes like pure menthol. The taste (or rather the sensation) stays well in the mouth. As the menthol taste is very strong the hit is even more marked. So nothing to say. The volume of vape is really consequent and pleasant. If you want a mint slap it's perfect. It's a little more expensive than the average, that's for sure. All Day : After a day of intensive use, the Halo Subzero is still very pleasant. Afterwards, will it become an All Day? Yes clearly, after that I think many will find it a bit too strong. In short, it's the benchmark for freshness there's nothing to say, but it can be too much, even for lovers of icy mint. 2 - E Liquid Arrogance Blizzard Shot - Arrogance's Ice Mint Liquid E In second position it's a bit of a surprise, as this brand of French liquid is not very well known, but this icy mint Arrogance is really impressive. Taste : We are in very very heavy, as fresh or even more than the SubZero. The icy mint flavor stays in the mouth and the freshness makes the hit extra. I've got a good dense white mash that reinforces the freshness slap. All Day: Yes. After several hours of steaming, the Blizzard's Coup de Blizzard is still as refreshing as ever. Since it's almost unsweetened there's no sickening sensation. Yes, it can suit me on All Day without any worries. Its simplistic packaging may have cost it first place, but we're on very heavy stuff. 3 - Alfaliquid Mint Glacial - Alfaliquid Glacial Mint In third place is the Alfaliquid ice mint refill. Taste : We are on a very pronounced mint taste, maybe not as strong as the first two but it does its job well anyway. The mint flavor stays well in the mouth, the hit is very decent, some will regret the lack of a slightly sweet touch. All Day : Yes, I didn't feel tired after one day. The taste remains very present and is pleasant. The freshness aspect is also always pleasing. 4 - Green vapes Holy Ice - Green vapes Holy ice At the foot of the podium comes the Holy Ice from Green Vapes. Taste : We are on a mint flavor not very strong but quite rich in the mouth. It's a kind of association between strong mint and a touch of chlorophyll. The hit is correct and the volume of vape is nice. All Day: Yes and no. Let me explain, this juice is good to stew but not strong enough. On the other hand it has the advantage of being on the borderline between the very strong and the sweetest. So it remains pleasant and worked. 5 - Vincent's out of breath Fresh mint - E Liquid Fresh Mint VDLV. In fifth position we find Vincent's Fresh Mint Liquid VDLV. Taste: The taste is rather pleasant even if it is not very pronounced. It is better on a simpler mint than on iced mint. The hit is rather weak but the white vapour is rather thick and pleasant. All Day : No, this eliquid is really nice for a spearmint but it's not as fresh as the name implies so I won't make it my All Day mint ice cold. 6 - E-liquid mint chill mint shop - Icy mint liquid In the sixth place is the well-known ice-cold mint liquid from the liquid shop. Taste: A fresh taste in the mouth quickly without being a big slap. There is a slight sweet note that is really nice. The hit is pretty good and the volume of the mint is correct. All Day : Yes and no. The icy mint feeling is present but I'm used to a little stronger. After that, it depends on the taste if you want a liquid mint ice cold liquid with a sweet touch like strong mint gum, you'll like it. 7 - Polar Mint Liquid Pulp - In the top 7 we find the polar mint from the Pulp range. Less subtle but fresh and effective. Taste: First sensation, a very strong raw mint. The taste stays in the mouth in a regular way, less rich in flavor I find but, it does the job as they say. Hit and steam rather good. All Day : No. After one day this refill is still fresh but a little monotonous. I got a little tired of it but it's still nice. 8 - D'lice Fresh Mint - Liquid Dlice Fresh Mint In eighth place, I must say it's a small disappointment for the much talked-about D'lice menthe fraƮche. Taste: The mint flavor is very strong nothing to say but I have like a chemical taste in my mouth. It's not horrible but it spoils the pleasure a bit. Otherwise the hit is well marked and the volume of steam is quite nice. All Day : No. Without being very bad, the little chemical taste remains quite embarrassing on the long term. In any case, it's absolutely forbidden for it to become my All Day. 9 - T Juice MentIce - Tjuice Mentice Liquid In ninth place is the liquid T Juice Mentice, quite disappointing I must say. Taste: The first puff is marked by a minty but not strong sensation. The taste is quite far from natural, very artificial. It's not bad but really not great either. All Day: No. As much as T Juice had accustomed us to the great art with the famous eliquide Red Astair, the Mentice is not up to standard. Very average, with an absence of any ice cold flavor worthy of the name and an unpleasant chemical aftertaste. It's simple, after one afternoon I didn't feel like touching it again. That's a shame. 10 - Fuel and liquid menthol - At the bottom of the top 10 is Fuel Menthol. It's the big disappointment of this ice-cold mint liquid magazine. Taste : The mint flavor is far from being striking. It's quite basic and there's a metallic taste to it. It's kind of weird. The hit is not bad and the volume of vapour is quite dense. All Day: No. The metallic/chemical aftertaste doesn't disappear with time. So it's not very pleasant after one day. The brand should revise its copy a bit.

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