Strong growth in e-cigs sales in the UK

Sales of electronic cigarettes increased significantly in the United Kingdom. At least that is what a study by Nielsen on sales of electronic cigarettes in British supermarkets shows. The survey, published on the Ma-cigarette blog, looked at the top-selling products in UK supermarkets. The more general survey analysed the sales of all products in UK supermarkets over the past year.

Supermarkets preferred places for the purchase of e-cigarettes

The market for electronic cigarette and liquid e-cigarette is estimated to be worth between £225 and £300 million in the United Kingdom, or between €288 and €384 million. What may seem surprising is that, according to the study, nearly half of sales would have been made in Supermarkets. This is much more than in France, where the sale of electronic cigarette and e liquid is very much in the minority in supermarkets. Simple British specificity or heavy trend that will arrive in France? Difficult to answer for the moment. The other half of sales are made in gas stations, pharmacies, e-cigarette shops and websites. It is likely that the latter, websites, will become increasingly important. Indeed, after the first years when customers needed advice and went to shops for legitimate information, a large proportion of vaporisers now seem serene enough to order on the Internet. The number of websites dedicated to the electronic cigarette has increased dramatically. The fact of buying e liquid online has become increasingly common and the number of liquid tastes has increased enormously, there are more than 8000 different on the web. With several advantages, choice, simplicity and price, all indicators show that vaporisers will increasingly use the internet to buy liquid or equipment.

Does the electronic cigarette reduces the sale of other nicotine substitutes?

This is an interesting question, it is true that we can ask whether the success of the electronic cigarette in recent years has had an impact on the sale of other nicotine substitutes called conventional. By conventional nicotine substitutes we mean patches and gums other than the electronic cigarette and e-liquid. According to the study, sales of these classic substitutes fell by 6.1% last year in the United Kingdom. The first finding is as follows, no doubt that this decline is due to the massive success of the vape (e-cigarette) which has developed a lot but, and this is the second finding, this decline is not very significant either .

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