Computer graphics: the criteria for choosing your liquids

Here is a rather interesting study that looked at the different criteria that allowed us to choose a liquid. The result is quite surprising for some criteria that I thought were more preponderant. You want to understand everything? Let's go for explanations.

The study: defining why and how one chooses his e liquid

The objective of the survey was to find out what was most important when deciding to choose an eliquid for your electronic cigarette. The means used to try to answer this question was to present the vaporisers with a small survey. Voluntarily very simple and quick, it was necessary to answer the question "What are the most important criteria for choosing your e liquid? "by choosing one or two answers maximum among four proposals: price, origin of the liquid, brand and taste. A total of more than 324 vaporisers responded to the survey, which, although not a huge number, still provides some interesting information.

The taste of the liquid in first place

This is the great result of the survey, the taste of the eliquid is by far the most important criterion when choosing a juice. Nearly 80% of vaporisers consider it to be essential, far ahead of the other proposals. This means that no matter the brand, the origin and its price (within reasonable limits) if the taste of ejuice is good we are ready to buy it.

The price of its liquid remains an important factor

In second place, more than half of the respondents (54.2%) insisted on price. And yes, the price of its liquid remains an important factor because in addition to the desire to improve health, the transition to the electronic cigarette also results from a desire to save money. In this sense, finding e liquids at reasonable prices is a strong demand in the community of the vape.

The origin of e-liquid a little less important

This question was for a long time very important, especially at the beginning of the era, when the origin of Chinese liquids was sometimes frowned upon, but since then it seems that the image of foreign liquids is no longer frightening. Since the quality standards are strict for all brands sold in France, the quality has clearly improved. On the other hand, the number of brands of French liquids has also risen sharply in recent times. Having a French liquid has almost become the basis, which explains why the origin is no longer a determining criterion in the choice of the liquid.

The brand of its liquid is not important

This is perhaps the most surprising information of the survey, the brand of its liquid is not a determining criterion in the search. This goes against the current popular belief that certain brands are a must in the market. In reality it seems that many vaporisers simply want a quality product, with good taste and a reasonable price. It doesn't really matter which brand it is, in the end.

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