E liquid mint lemon the secrets of success!

The site e liquid shop specializes in the e liquid for electronic cigarette, surprised everyone by bringing out a range of frosted flavors. The concept is simple, combine a mint or mint ice with a fruity flavor such as strawberry, melon, blueberry or lemon. And for good reason, the result is striking, as the combination of these flavours is so pleasant in the mouth. Among the range of frosted liquid, a refill has particularly marked the minds of those who have had the chance to try it. I am of course referring to the e lemon mint liquid. Indeed, this particularly successful combination has enjoyed impressive success since its launch. Presentation of this winning combination.

The sweetness of e fresh mint liquid

The spearmint liquid flavour is already, in Belgium but also elsewhere, one of the most popular liquid refills. It is precisely in second position of the best liquid sales just behind the spearmint liquid refill. Not as strong as the latter, the e-fluid mint refill is highly appreciated for its freshness and softness. It is for example a very good compromise for people who smoked mentholated cigarettes and want to stop smoking with the e cigarette. On the other hand, many smokers appreciate the freshness of this liquid which accentuates the sensation of "hit" (the little tingling in the throat which is appreciated by smokers). For all Belgians who love mint liquid and who wish to vary a little the pleasures without straying too far from it, the frosted liquids are made for you. They are the perfect answer to this demand. As its name suggests, for the lemon mint liquid, a fruity lemon flavour has been associated with spearmint.

 The fruitiness of the lemon e liquid for its tangy side

The least we can say is that the marriage between fresh mint and lemon is successful. The tart side of the lemon is enhanced by the freshness and sweetness of the spearmint. The whole gives a rich liquid taste and a good presence in the mouth.  With a first wave of freshness where the mint is well present then a fruity and acidulous point takes over thanks to the lemon. The success of the association is also due to the success of the lemon e-liquid which is a very appreciated flavour. Indeed, the lemon refill is one of the e fruit liquids that is most popular. Just look at the reviews on the lemon taste to see it. If you are a fan of citrus do not hesitate one second, the result is excellent and we find perfectly the lemon flavor. This is why the association between two eliquids that are already very popular could only work. The trick was to find the right dosage to combine these two liquid flavours in the best possible way. Any combination is possible. If you like mint and want to change a little or if you like lemon but you are not against a hint of mint, the lemon mint liquid e is for you. But in a more general way I advise you to test these flavours mix between mint and fruit. As surprising as the association may seem, the taste puts everyone in agreement. The job was well done!

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